Two-Card Poker (Deuces Wild)

Online slots players will know that a “wild” symbol can be used in place of any other symbol to create a winning combination. Deuces in a hand of deuces wild video poker are treated as wild cards.

Video Poker: Deuces Wild Strategy

Deuces Wild 2’s are analogous to the Joker card in standard poker, which is the best way to explain them in the context of video poker. Instead of using a Joker to improve your hand (as in Joker Poker), you can utilize any of the twos in the deck to do the same thing.



The game’s rules are simple; those who are familiar with standard Jacks or Better Video Poker will have no trouble grasping how the Wild cards work here. However, there are a few things to think about before diving in, including the various rewards.


Fund your internet gambling account adequately.

Pick your wager size before playing deuces wild.

To hold specific cards, click the screen’s deal cards button.

If you want to replace the cards you discarded with new ones, you can do so by clicking deal again.

There is no need to “call your hand” because the program will do it for you, determining the best possible hand and making any necessary card substitutions (such as a 2 for a 10) to guarantee a straight, full house, or other winning hand.


Variable Payout Structure for Deuces Wild

With four wild cards in the deck, the player has a significant advantage. To make up for this, the payout schedule deviates slightly from standard Jacks or Better games. There is no reward for a single hand or two pairs; the first payout level is even money for three of a kind. After a natural royal flush, a hand consisting of four deuces is widely considered to be among the best possible.


Paid-Out Card Results

Natural x800 for a royal flush, x200 for four deuces, and x25 for five of a kind.

Deuces-Royal Fifteen of a Kind

Full House x9

Five of a Kind x 4

Triple Full House Two Pair Two Straight Two

One-of-a-Kind x 3

Each online casino may have a slightly different payout table, so it’s important to double-check with the one you choose to play at. The rewards in Deuces Wild may appear to be smaller than in Jacks or Better or other video poker machines, but this is only because obtaining a winning hand is easier than usual due to the presence of wild deuces. Examining the payout schedule reveals that the two games have similar anticipated values.

Video Poker Deuces Wild Tactics

The number of deuces you acquire determines how you play, as they are treated as wild cards. Keep in mind that the minimum payout for a winning hand is three of a kind, so play wisely to maximize the value of your wagers. If you’re dealt a pair of twos in this form of video poker, you should keep it. Whether or not to play it depends on the number of deuces in your hand.



There is no two


If no twos appear, you can play several different hands, depending on the cards you’re dealt. If you’re completely out of options, shuffle the deck and draw five new cards. Then, keep any other hands you have (a pair, a straight, a four of a kind, etc.) and draw fresh cards to replace the ones you’re not using.


A Deuce


Keep the deuce and draw four more cards if you have no other winning combinations or cards that could make form a winning combination.


Card Value: 2


Keep your cards if they form the beginnings of a straight flush, wild royal flush, four of a kind, five of a kind, or a straight flush with a wild card. You should keep your two deuces and draw three new cards if you don’t have any of the above combinations.


Card Value: 3


Keep a wild royal flush or five of a kind to yourself. If you already have a pair, the three deuces can be used as wildcards to complete the flush. Keep the three twos and draw two new cards unless something else occurs.


A pair of fours


Simply switch out the non-deuce card with a new one.


Multi-hand Deuces Wild Slot Machines

You can play in multi-hand mode, just like in many other kinds of video poker. This implies you can be dealt as many as fifty hands simultaneously.


You’re sure to have a blast when you play online.

Play this thrilling version of Deuces Wild at any of the best online casinos in our detailed Video Poker reviews. To start playing deuces wild video poker and increasing your chances of winning, simply click on your preferred game or look around if you are unsure which one to play.


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